Technology for self-reliance
Service design project
The project 'Selvhjulpen med teknologi' - Technology for self-reliance, examined how citizens who currently receive practical help and/or personal care can become more self-reliant with either new or improved assistive devices. The project is a collaboration between Århus, Esbjerg, Roskilde and Næstved municipalities, who received support for the project through the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority's Programme for User-Driven Innovation.
An identity was developed to unify the team who's members came from various public and private organizations and had a wide range of backgrounds.
Personas (above) were produced on the back of anthropological fieldwork to identify the needs and put faces onto the  people the project was aiming to help. This was followed by the production of various scenarios (below) to explore themes for the project. It was decided that the project group should focus attention on bathing and visiting the toilet, dressing and particularly taking compression stockings on and off and keeping the elderly physically active.
The project group developed a catalog of possible welfare-technology innovations that were assessed in terms of savings on the cost of the welfare service they could replace, the benefit they could bring to the user and potential they have as investments if developed to their full potential. The catalog was accompanied by a traveling exhibition.
Catalog and information brochure

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